Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Effects of Cramming for an Examination

The effects of cramming for an examination You are a student, have you ever heard someone to complain: â€Å"oh my god, I have only one day to review for the final test? † In the fact, they knew schedule exams from a month ago, but, they don’t care it until the last day before an exam. The real only solution is to cram. Some students even seem to prefer it because it challenges them and give them more time to go out with your friends on the weekend.In contrast, cramming has many bad effects as: exhaustion, knowledge overload and bad result. Firstly, cramming is a reason make you exhausted. By cramming, you’re trying to learn everything you can in the limited time you have to study. So, to do that you must awake through at night to learn, after you could be sleep deprivation. Thus, it can make you feel asleep, tired and loss of appetite in the day after. Cramming can leave you feeling down and worn out in the end.Secondly, cramming make us knowledge overload. Many students believed in the last day, before do the test they can learn by heart all knowledge. However, the brain is a sponge, but just like any sponge oversaturated very fast. A brain filled to the brim with knowledge will seep out the knowledge instead of retaining it. Therefore, you should add this information more slowly, over time; you may find yourself more capable of absorbing a larger knowledge. Thirdly, a big consequence of cramming is bad result.Sleep deprivation can cause poor memory, lack of alertness and overload knowledge, often leading to lower test grades. However, when you study for an examination with an intense cram session, at first you might assume that you will pass. But, the low mark will come as a surprise to you and your grade point average. If you do not study for a test, you probably will expect that you are going to fail or at least not do so well. Remember that: â€Å"Cramming is not the best way to get the score you seek†.Conclusion, though crammi ng has been a studying practice for generations; it is actually a bad method to review and many negative effects. These include: exhaustion, overload knowledge and bad result. Because above all that reasons, before waiting until the last minute to study for your next big exam, you should study hard at this moment and think about its consequences. Moreover, don’t waste your time to do useless things but you must manage time better in the future to improve themselves not only in school, but also in your life. /.

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