Thursday, November 21, 2019

Questions asked, Explain below questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Questions asked, Explain below questions - Essay Example The situation of the economy, such as economic booms and economic meltdown is a key competitive factor in global Smartphone industry. Economic meltdown will reduce the disposable income of customers. At that point of time companies are going for less costly smart phones. If the economy is booming customer’s disposable income would increase and companies starts to compete on high-end smart phones. Reliability of the brand and user friendliness of the smart phones is also a very key competitive factor affecting the company seriously. Before buying any smart phones customers search for different attribute and features like applications, internet speed, picture qualities etc (James, Laurence and Changhoon, 2011, PP. 343-353). These are the areas where modern players are competing very hard among each other. Static competitions are those competitions which remains same over the longer period of time. It does not change according to the situations. This sector is very much competitive in terms of static competition. Large players are constantly competing with each other. Difference between two large players is always very close. User friendliness, customer satisfaction are remains the static criterion of competitions. Legalities, patent rights of different companies are also important static competition. This market also has lots of dynamic competitions. This kind of competitions is short term. These are very situational in nature. Local small Smartphone brands can pose this competition in front of large global players. It can come up with new different applications which can attract customers. It poses lots of dynamic competitions in this industry. The Dynamic competitions some times are in terms of pricing strategies also. Yes, these two criterions diverge from one another. The above discussion is showing that static completion is not at all situational. This competition is always

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