Sunday, November 3, 2019

None just a wroksheet Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

None just a wroksheet - Assignment Example On many occasions, people may find it very confusing to use common words and may subsequently make such errors like writing ‘insure’ for ‘ensure’. Such mistakes are subject in plagiarism reports as they will increase the percentage of the matches making the work to seem unoriginal. Plagiarism generally presents an act of fraudulently putting other author’s ideas but as if it were one’s own ideas and failing to appreciate the work done by original owner of the idea. Many people would go as far as changing sentence structure of a copied idea thinking that they have prevented plagiarism detection but this still qualifies to be plagiarized work if proper citation and necessary quotation are not made. Conventionality, there is no percentages considered plagiarism but percentage of below 15 percent are considered okay but this is also subject to what kind of work as experimental analysis will have a lot of similarities and the number of sources required. Ideas are regarded as intellectual properties and subsequently United States have legislated laws guarding the copyrights hence appreciate and give credit to ideas originating from others if you are to apply them in your writings. This makes it possible to escape plagiarism in your writings. Instructor’s reports are subject to elimination of some of the revealed matches that shoot the percentage higher. Students reports will always include even the sources that could have not been used based on the match-search done by the detector. The use of common phrases or wording is also a subject to the raised student report percentage and this is ultimately eliminated in tutor’s reports. The raised number of identified sources will portray higher percentages and hence makes it easy for the variations. Normally tutors conduct analysis of the revealed match’s percentages during the decision making to finally judge originality of the work and to grade

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