Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Designing a training course Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Designing a training course - Essay Example The above sections would be combination of discussion as well as an interactive lecture on the continuum of the employee involvement. The participants would be asked to write/inform the current structure of the organization along with level of decisions they can take (empowerment), roles and responsibilities of the training session’s participants. Participants would present the graphical representation of their organizational model and employee involvement model. Projected Goal: The goal of the lesson is to find out the prevailing models in the organization and suggest/recommend on how to develop a model based on the issues in the existing organizational and employee involvement model. Note: After adding the miscellaneous and contingencies cost, the total cost for the first day training would be $20,000. Moreover, the participants and the instructors would not be given either travelling or daily allowance, because the employees would be trained in the auditorium of their office and the instructors would be hired locally. However, the cost of equipment, printing etc. would be catered from the allocated cost of the miscellaneous and the contingencies. After the first day it would be expected from the participants that they would have knowledge of modern concepts of the management, familiarities with numerous terminologies taught in the first day training. Moreover, they can somehow develop diverse models (organizational and employee involvement) to get quality work within time and less cost as compared to the existing models of the Delta Airline. As there are two modules, therefore, in order to assess the impact of training program, I have selected two different strategies include: the self assessment for module one of the training course and impact assessment for module two of the training course. For the self-assessment, the participants would be provided a number of documents for their self

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