Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Classrooms As Safe Spaces Protecting Transgender Rights...

Classrooms as Safe Spaces: Protecting Transgender Rights and Combatting Transphobia Through Pedagogy In the last decade, in particular, there has been an increasing awareness of the rights and struggles of the LGBTQ community.As a result, positive changes such as recognition and legalization of same-sex marriage, prohibition of discrimination based on gender identity/expression and sexual orientation, and greater rights for the LGBTQ community in public and private spheres have come about. However, the LGBTQ community is not a uniform entity; rather, it encapsulates a variety of distinct identities and lifestyles, many of whom are still fighting for their rights and freedoms. An example of this is the transgender community, which consists of, but is not limited to, individuals whose gender identity does not align with their biological sex. While dealing with transphobia at any age is devastating and harmful, for transgender teens, adolescents, and young adults, it can lead to lifetime of trauma.It can not only lead to feelings of marginalization, rejection, and isolation, but also the likelihood of mental illness, suicidal tendencies, substance abuse, risky sexual behaviors, and homelessness among trans adolescents and teens. Since adolescence is an impressionable time for many, being teased or bullied at school for being different can cause a deep-seeded sense of trauma. Given that we, as individuals within group settings, are always â€Å"performing† gender, according to

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